Saturday, February 14, 2009

its DONEEEE!!!

i finally finished my assignment on integumentary system...for the day...and now im SUPPOSED to study..
* argh *

feel so sleepy...



i had the BEST day of my life

we din wait that long b4 we could get our table in PLus One Shabu Shabu...

so, mei and i ordered Valentine's Set and Chicken Set ..hehehhe while wei and ky went off to see the sauces available...

we were supposed to draw lots to see who's date is who...but in the end..we din have to..

so, my date was mei mei =) and wei's date was kitty ahahahhaha...

i ordered tom yam soup hehehhe

the best-date-of-the-day ^^

it took us a while to get this priceless pic of both of them..seriously we were laughing NON-STOP.. even my tears came out...LOL >.<

halfway enjoying our meal, a POP sound came from Ky's something exploded..and it took a few minutes b4 Ky started to screamed...i was freaking scared...mei too..BUT ky's partner, XIN WEI, was the most CALM person ever...she just continued nothing happened..even other ppl were like looking at us..damn funny la !!!

it was about 10.30pm when we finished our dinner..we wanted to leave 1u BUT it was freaking jam..even from the carpark lots..

and so..we decided to let our time passed by......

but of idea...of taking pics ^^ me and my partner of the day, Miss Mei Chen =)

wei's partner, Kit Yee

me and mei mei!!

me and xin wei...

after taking pics, we decided to leave...and cuz we were like stucked in the massive jam...we had lotsa laughter...

there was one part..mei suddenly asked...why the driver has no handle on the top...and all of us laughed and talked nonsense...and the BEST random -the- thing- of- the- day..motorcyclist should have seatbelts increase their adrenaline when it comes to an accident..and YES, wei was the one who thought of that... hahahahhahaha

we even talked about chris brown and rihanna ( something happened which i din know)..marriage...and couples on Valentine's who are supposed to be at home...and let the SINGLES hang out in peace...etc etc...

after deciding where to go, we end up in MCD's in Uptown (DU)..

thats when..i started laughing sooo much...cuz i was looking at the pics on wei's hp...and i there was one pic i thought it was my ...but actually it was bra shape..and i kept saying the word boobs ..ahahahha even the person who sat next to our table was like disgusted xD...hahahah sorry la..i was being a sohai.. then i saw the video clip of zhen...and started laughing sooo much..

even so, wei , mei and ky acted like they dunno who i was and sat on other place..hahahahahah sooo funny.....laughed till stomach pain >.<

after they had their ice-creams and sundae, mei fetched us home..

hahahhahaaha ky couldnt find the card to enter her place so she panicked like shit...after searching everywhere in her bag many times.....and she said........* censored * cuz she FINALLLYYYYYYYY found her card as she thought she ALREADY lost it..and even troubled her mum...ohh well....she even said, see la..i knew something would go wrong after laughing sooooo much!!!

tsktsk ky ky =)

all i can say is that i really enjoyed my friendship day with u girLs....sadly, leng and abi din get to join us...

to my lovely partner, thanx for the cookies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

VaLentine's Day (Feb 14th, Sat) / Friendship Day

as usual, i had classes till 12pm...darn Bahasa Kebangsaan..then i waited for daddy to come and fetch me after playing golf...

reached home at 2pm..ate lunch then immediately went to SSL in OLd pray for my grandmother..and this time everyone were there...
Feb 14 marks the 49th day after she passed away peacefully...

so yeah, we burnt hell notes and money and shirts for my grandpa too...
i missed them..

then my family and ah yee went to Damansara Utama ( Village Park ) to eat nasi lemak and fried chicken...very famous shop and the food there is AWESOME and VERY VERY FILLING!!!!
ratings: 4/5 nice !!!!!!!!

feeling so BLOATED, everybody went back to S-I-E-S-T-A!! it was 4pm by then..

slept a while..then pack my wardrobe...and put all my stuff that i wanna bring back to my hostel in 1 side..

at night, around 8pm i woke my elder fetch me to 1u =)
wei, mei and ky were supposed to queue up to get tix for Pink Panther 2 BUT the queue was FREAKKING, they gave up and instead decided to wait for me to come and have dinner @ PLUS ONE SHABU SHABU..
awhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ^^

thats when the fun begins...

Sunday, February 8, 2009

* sigh *

sometimes...i just do guys think and feel...

as far as im concerned..

when they have problems, they approach girls nicely..and ask for help/advice..

when they need you, they come to you...

when you need them the most, they hardly have the time to spend on you..

all they can say is, go find ur girls and talk with kinda bz now..dont disturb me..

and its always girls who need to pamper doesnt work both sides..UNLESS that guy is caring and loving enough

well, im not saying ALL guys are like that..just SOME...

i know that no guys in this world is perfect...BUT, seriously sometimes they just need to think of how their partner feels..

Valentine's Day ahead...

i'll be spending my valentine's day with my best buddies =)))))) its friendship day too ^^

cant wait to see u all...

today, i went to meet zhen for the last time before she leaves for sydney on Feb 12 =(

but we had lotsa laughter and fun...

sue zhen and i

me, zhen, and adeline at sunway (2008)


all those times we shared together...our memories will NEVER EVER EVER FADE!!! i missssss youuuuuuuuu !!!!!!! sobs....

november will come soonn....feel soo emo....
cant wait too see you again!!! sorry cant see you for the last time in KLIA..i really wish i could...
but i have classes...damn ...

I LURVVV YOU SUEEEEEE ZHENNN!!!!!!!!!! have fun in australia!!!

my CNY

( pam che che, sheng boy and I at uncle richard's hse )

sorry for the late post..heheheh din have any time to blog..well, here's my family pic (below) and my grandparents ( at the back )

( daddy, yew jin( lil bro) and kor kor ( whei jin )
( me and mummy )

basically, i spent my chinese new year ( 1st day till 3rd day ) back in my hometown, Johor Bahru
i love the weather there sooooooooooo much.....way LESS pollution..and its soooo windy....seriously..i feel soo much younger and its as though im near the beach..JB reminds me of my childhood days..very nostalgic..

ohh yeah, my cousin ( Li Yee ) even said whenever she stays in JB, she doesnt have pimples growing LOL..

that will be our retirement place to stay next time xD heheheheheh

LONG WAY more to come..heheh

BUT the only downside is the IRRRIIIITATING MOSQUITOES...ahhhhhhhhhh

its like damn alot..super annoyin

as for this year, there was no lion dance performing in my JB hse as my poh poh recently passed away..sadly, i didnt get to see any lion dance and i missed the dragon dance performance at my neighbour's hse in JB as i woke up late..

reason i woke up late: my family and i gamble till 3am the night before..played poker.. and drank whisky..

the next day ( CNY day) had open hse ..we ordered the caterer to cook LOTSA food ( rendang, acar, veg, nasi dagang, fish curry, chicken, fried bihun and more...most of my relatives came...

( yew jin, kor kor, qing yee, mae, wei, and pam che che )

there were about like..25-30ppl in the house..very lively...

( the elder ppl )

and the BEST part was when uncle richard and aunty sharon with sheng rui came to my JB hse in their Porsche Boxster...niceeeeee!!!!!

and soon everyone was taking pic and modellin with the car..hehehe it was afternoon at that time..

sheng boy and aunty helen ( in green )
( sheng rui )
he covered his mouth cuz we asked him to do so as he ate sweets without asking his mum (aunt sharon) ^^ but his was clever enough not to ask cuz he knew his mum wouldnt allowed to eat ANY sweets at all..and IF he was caught eating sweets, he will be soooooo in trouble hahahahah

after sheng boy ate his lunch, my cousin ( khing wei ) drove him back to his hse..mae, pam che che, aunty helen and i followed too..he iss sooo cute.....before he slept, he has to hold someone's hand ..( preferably his maid )

he is soooo chubbyyy and freakin HEAVVYY...for a 3 year old kid..and he is a very intelligent kid..speaks like an adult OMG....soooooo cutee la...

eats alot man..hahahha

after we put him to sleep, off back to my hse..i wasnt feelin too well..n the worst part happened..the moment wei stop the car outside the house..i immediately got down and GUESS WHAT??? I PUKED...all my lunch came out...yeah..

i cleaned up my own mess using the water hose to wash everything down the drain...luckily i puked OUTSIDE the car..everybody was like shocked..
dun wanna mention abt it xD bad day for me =(

i then went upstairs to get my rest...freaking tired...

at night i was feeling much better...went to uncle richard's crib...

( aunt helen, aunt sharon, my 4th grandaunt)
thats when an interesting event begins... all because of mee siam xD

at uncle jimmy's place on wednesday..

for the next few days, we gamble alot...from blackjack, to " ngau " and i drank hell alot...

uncle tat, wen an, wen ni, kor kor and mae

( aunt shuh feei, uncle hong, nini, wen an and mummy )
( uncle hong being the banker ) playing "ngau"

ohh well, at least i received alot of ang paus hehehehhehehehe
thats pretty much my CNY at JB... went back on thursday..heheh
fri was a rest day..sat had open hse in uncle jimmy's crib back in KL..ehehehhe
one week really past very fast when it comes to CNY =( * sigh **** i want more holidays!!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Orientation and My Dorm in SDMC

welcome to my 2nd home =.= this is the MAIN entrance..not bad eh?got the GREEN "KELUAR" sign =)

here's my schedule of subjects that im gonna take for my year 1

my timetable for orientation week..12-17 Jan 2009 ( cant really see though xD )

my room no..

the lighter brown cupboard supposed to be mine..but my roommate put her stuff there..soo wth la..not gonna mention her name..

then again..cuz she came with her stuff..i had to take the upper deck bed.. * argh * and the ladder is shaky..damn la..

the hallway..there are 5 rooms..on the left there's 2 toilets..shared among 10 people..

me reading PS: I LOVE YOU cuz i din wanna talk to my she went to other room units to disturb other ppl hehehehhe

15 Jan 2009

Seminar Room

from left to right :izzati, mira and fifi ( nur syuhada )she's a pakistanese..mix with french, and something

she's not my roommate..we both can communicate well with each other..hehe she's Jacintha a/p Azahind..her dad is an indian while her mum is a chinese..but she is mistaken for a chinese girl..she's 2years older than me

those girls sitting in front and standing on the stage..are not so friendly ppl..only mix within themselves..sadly...but wth ..i dun really care..all i want is to get a DIPLOMA CERT =P

my lovely izzati posing as usual..

i was waiting for mummy to bring my things heheh...

16 Jan 2009

me and Jacintha in the bus..we had a trip to Kota Kemuning..where our old college was..

from left to right : (forgotten her name), katy ( leader for our presentation ), and Fella ( the b**** which zati, jacintha, fifi and i do not want to talk to )

our welcome party after coming back from kota kemuning..bathed and all ready ^^

izzati ( corny ), fifi ( cannot s-tahan arr ), jacintha ( shy shy ), lynn ( shit really happens )

basically, we had to introduce ourselves to the Clinical Instructors ( CI) and Tutors..and do a presentation...but we had 3presentations thanx to dear katy..
1st : open banana
2nd: tepuk terima kasih ( and in other languages )
3rd and last presentation : tepuk kasih sayang and dub dub ( heart sign )

yes, we did this b4 while waiting for the tutors and CI(s) to come as their always NOT on time..

me after coming back from the welcome party..pei ching (my roommate ) was next sitting next to me playing the games i sent to her..she din even talk to me ...hmmph...since the day i sent the games to her, she was sooo bz playing with the games...seriously almost the whole day..

me at fifi's dorm..we wanted to go out to tesco..but turns out we decided to order MCD's via delivery..waited 45mins so i quickly went home to bath hehehhe

izzati in the looks like my cousin, khing wei xD ( only bigger version ) hahha

thats fifi in black, the b**** (fella, our treasurer), jacintha being bullied by izzati lol hahah was just playing around ...then that b**** suddenly popped put again when i wanted to take pic..mind your own business la b****...ishhh..i din wan her to be in the pic.. * $%^#@$%^$#% *

17 Jan 2009
my timetable next week...we had fire drill prac today..was damn tired...had to walk up to the 7th floor...and walked down..and did alot of running...
FINALLY it was my first time i managed to trigger the fire extinguisher and get control of it..hehheeh there was also lecture on ways to prevent the fire from spreading etc etc...factors that contribute to fire...Heat, Fuel and Oxygen..yea all the basics here n there...

the last slide before the lecturer dismissed the ended around 12 pm..ehhehe so then time to pack my stuff to go BACK HOME SWEEETTTTTTTTT HOMEEE...daddy fetched me around 1.20pm after playing his golf ...

i missed home although its kinda nearby compared to other ppl...its just hard to survive in the hostel..knowing that everything is new..and only 1 pathetic store downstairs to eat for dinner..malay food..where u gotta wait 45 to 1 hour for ur order to come..and
the phone signal is HORRIBLE...when anyone calls, most of the time the line will be disturbed or cut...even so, ppl will receive my sms later than usual...
all i can say about the place is : UNSAFE, no.1 place to get rape...and its SECLUDED..even the bank is soo damn far away...very inconvenient!!!